Friday, January 18, 2019

Learning Station - Don't Break The Ice

The kiddos greatly enjoyed playing "Don't Break the Ice" for their learning station.  They worked on fine motor skills and sharing.

Ii Week

Welcome to our incredible Ii week!

Igloo and Ice - Our snow cave has become an igloo this week (ha!) and we discovered some ice on the porch.  It reminded us of our little cups of ice we made a few weeks ago.  Wow!  It must be freezing outside again today!

Ii Clothing - Ms. Sara was sporting her ice cream socks!

Snack - Ice Cream - The long awaited week of deliciousness!

Glittery Icicles - These turned out fancy!  We thought it would be fun to hang in the trees outside.  They are a little tricky to see in this picture.  They are tinfoil crumpled in the shape of an icicle.  Then we painted them with modge podge and put them in a take out container with a tight lid and some glitter and shook them.
I found this fun idea on this blog:  Here!

Igloo - We created this lovely igloo with mailing labels.  We talked about how igloos are made from ice cut into squares.  Outside, Mr. Adam's snow cave was made from a pile of snow.
I got this idea from this blog:  Here!

Free Play - Perfect week to play with the ice cream cone!

"Igloo" - 

Circle Time - If - We read this book about some silly what if's, then came up with many of our own.  I should have taken notes, because some of them were fabulous.

Journal Time - Inches - We were adding inch tape to our journals, and I was showing the kiddos how to measure with the tape, then I pulled out the rulers ... lots of measuring in inches happened.  It was great.

Ice Mound - The kiddos pushed the snow off to find our lump of ice.

Inchworm - These turned out so cute!!!  I showed the kiddos a video of an inchworm in motion, and then we beaded these little cuties.  The bottom worm is how I prepped them for the kiddos to bead.
I found this cute idea on this blog:  Here!

Eggs - Toddlers - One of the kiddos pulled out our egg carton of eggs to play with.  Soon that kiddo had a mob of friends.  So I grabbed our bucket of eggs.  So much fun!

Wednesday, January 16, 2019

Learning Station - Ice Cream Case Match

The kiddos matched lower case letter scoops to their upper case cones. 
The 3 year old class matched letters.

Monday, January 14, 2019

Learning Station - Ice Cream Scoop

The kiddos added scoops of ice cream to measure how tall they were.  When they were finished we counted each scoop to see how many scoops tall they were!

Friday, January 11, 2019

Learning Station - Slapzi

Our family got this game for Christmas.  It was super fun to play it today with the preschoolers!  We were looking for picture matches to clue cards.  Such as:  "You can eat this" or "You can put something in this" or "This is taller than you" ...

Ss Week

Welcome to our silly Ss week!

Snow Cave!!! - It's finally carved out!  Thank you Mr. Adam!
Snow Plow!!! - So awesome!
Checking out the ice in the down spout.

Ss Clothing - Stripes, sunshine, Ms. Sara's, sparkles, socks...

Coffee Filter Snowflakes - Great cutting practice!  Snip, snip, snip!  We also used cupcake liners.

Dyeing the Snow Cave - Just food coloring a water... 

Ss Clothing - Socks!  Superman socks and stripes!

Sugar Sprinkle Stamp Cookies - We made our dough and formed dough balls to chill for later!  We also rolled them in sprinkles!  Thank you to one of the kiddos for sharing their fabulous cookie stamps and sprinkles!!  So fun!  The cookie stamps are from Stampin' Up.

Tie Snakes - It was a bit tricky getting the batting into our snakes, but they are cute!  And they slithered all over the preschool.

Snowmen Globes - I saved this idea from Christmas so we could use it this week for snowmen.  The kiddos painted their hands and printed snowmen on the bulb.  Once dried they added fake snow and drew with Sharpie the faces on their snowmen.
Snack - Chocolate S - So tasty for our snack today!

Learning Station - Abc Snake

The kiddos put the whole alphabet on their pet snake.  I saw this cute idea on this blog:  Here!