Monday, January 22, 2018

Friday, January 19, 2018

Uu Week

Journal Time - Under the Table - Ha!  The kiddos thought Ms. Sara had lost her marbles when they came in this morning.  But nope.

Pin the Horn on the Unicorn - We closed our eyes and tried.  They kiddos did fairly well.  I found this in the dollar section at Target.

Painting and Printing - A couple of kiddos helped prep our art project.  They painted the bubble wrap and each kiddo made a rain print.
I masked the area with another piece of paper to preserve the space under the umbrella.
We added the umbrellas and let our rain dry....

Simple Unicorn - I had some basic shapes cut, the kiddos added the rest.
Here are a couple of the Youngster's unicorns...
Here are a couple of the Toddler's unicorns...

Umbrella in the Rain - We drew friends under our umbrella!
I saw this fabulous idea on this blog:  Here!

Hanging Out Under an Umbrella - Such a great fort for Uu week!

Umbrellas - I had each of the kiddos come with an umbrella on Friday.   We talked about umbrella safety...and fortunately no one got poked!  Wahoo!

Pine Cone Pick Up - One of the kiddos said, "Hey, it's not Pp week!"  It took me a moment.  Ha!  But we were picking them Up!!

Circle Time - Umbrellas - We had to be extra careful!  Ha!

Uu Clothing -

 An Awesome Unicorn Backpack! -

Utah Books - Our state starts with Uu!

On our map we found our home city, the Great Salt Lake, Zion National Park ...
 I told them the story of the seagulls and the crickets.

Picnic Snack Under an Umbrella - Oh so fun!  The kiddos gathered on a table cloth with their umbrellas and we ate our snack!

Wednesday, January 17, 2018

Learning Station - Uno

We all played a round together.  A couple kiddos played a second round with me.  Turn taking, color and number recognition, patience, cheering each other on...  All good things.

Friday, January 12, 2018

Dd Week

Dd Clothing - Dinosaur and Darth Vadar.

Dum Dum Suckers - Tasty Dd treat!

Dinosaur Hats - 

Science - Dinosaur Eggs - Making - First we made the baking soda dough (baking soda and conditioner).  Next we formed it around our dinosaurs.  
Gooey, messy fun...

Science - Dinosaur Eggs - Dissolving -  Finally!  We pulled out the vinegar and dissolved our dinosaur's eggs!

Snow and Ice - Rain in January?  What crazy weather.  We found snow and ice in Ms. Sara's yard.

Blow Dryer - A kiddo's bum got a bit wet from the ice, so I pulled out our blow dryer to dry his pants.  Then we all warmed our toes!

Dd Clothing - Dinosaur socks!! And Dory and she wore her dot sweater!  So cool!

Donuts! - Yum!

Our Preschool Monster - A drew a picture of our friendly monster on the chalk board...

Paper Plate Donuts - Oh yum sprinkles!  The kiddos "glazed" their donut with dyed glue, then added real sprinkles.

Sandy Play Dough - We tried out a new recipe for play dough.  It used mostly corn meal, so it was very sandy feeling.  We all decided we like our smooth play dough better, but this was fun for a day.
Here is the link for the blog:  Here!

Cutting Paper - The kiddos LOVE to trim paper.

Chocolate Donut Making - Even though we had delicious donuts on Wednesday that a mom brought in for us (thanks!), the kiddos wanted to bake donuts too!  We decided on chocolate.  I didn't bother with a glaze.  They were yummy!

Socks - A kiddo had on these fabulous socks today!   I think I need a pair!