Monday, October 15, 2018

Qq Week

Welcome to our Quick Qq Week!  Happy Fall Break!

Q-tip Art - The kiddos got Q-tips and tape and set to work on lovely creations...

Backyard - Quick Play - We had a very quick and chilly backyard play today.

Learning Station - Q-tip Drop

The kiddos used tongs to drop Q-tips through the holes in the jar lids.  They did a great job!  Great fine motor and hand-eye coordination.

Friday, October 12, 2018

Jj Week

It's jumping, jack-o-lantern Jj week!

Watercolor Jars - Day 1-   We used watercolors to paint coffee filters.

Water Color Jars - Day 2 - Today we tore up our water colors and then modge podged them onto our jars.  These are going to be fantastic luminaries!!

Water Color Jars - Day 3 - All we needed to do today was to add our candle!  They turned out fabulous!!

Tp Jack-O-Lanterns - 

Jj Clothing - This kiddo had on a John Deere shirt!!

Jack-O-Lantern Cookies - Mr. Adam and I made cookies last night.  Today the kiddos decorated them (and munched).  Pretty tasty!!

Snack - Water Color Jars - We decided to eat snack without the lights and just our jars!

Jet Packs - We also decorated our packs by candlelight.
This little one carefully wrote numbers on his jet pack, like a speedometer.  Cool!

Backyard - Jet Pack Races - The kiddos zipped around the backyard so fast!

The jet packs are just cereal boxes, tp rolls and duct tape.  I got the basic idea:  Here!

Learning Station - Jelly Bean Tasting

The kiddos tasted each color of jelly bean and wrote a smiley face or frowny face for how they liked it.

Wednesday, October 10, 2018

Learning Station - Jump the Alphabet

The kiddos jumped on a letter, then picked it up and identified it.  I found these sticky back letters at Target, then I sewed them onto felt squares.

Monday, October 8, 2018

Learning Station - JUMP!

This possibly, might be the new class favorite.  The kiddos rolled a die, counted the pips, then either did that many jumping jacks or they could jump that many times off a chair.  Oh so much fun.

Friday, October 5, 2018

Hh Week

Happy Hh Week!

Halloween Decorating - Hanging Ghosts - So fun!  

Halloween Wreath - 

Snack - H in Pretzels - Hailey made an Hh!

Hide and Seek - 

Birthday Boy - One of the kiddos brought this fabulous and tasty ice cream to share today!  Yum!
This year for the kiddo's birthday crowns, I am using bulletin boarders.  Easy peasy and cute!

Haunted House - As I've done in past years, I used Dial soapboxes, an exact-o knife and a 3x5 card to create these houses.  The kiddos make them haunted with whatever I find in my cupboard.

Snack - Hotdogs and Hot Cocoa - Great Hh snacks! 

Backyard - Mud - Today we didn't even have to make our own!  There was a lovely big rainstorm last night.

Hh Clothing - This cutie had two Hh's on her sweatshirt!

Hungry, Hungry Hippos -

Hanging Bats - These turned out cute, especially when we took them outside to let them hang to sleep.

Saw this great idea on this blog:  Here!