Wednesday, April 25, 2018

Learning Station - Alphabet Soup

I don't know if any of your kiddos have eaten alphabet soup ... but we made it today!  Thanks to a donation of a TON of alphabet stickers!  The kiddos LOVED putting letters in their soups!

Monday, April 23, 2018

Learning Station - Shape Ruler

I got donated a bunch of these lovely shape rullers and I've been saving them especially for Ss week!  The kiddos got the hang of them pretty quick. 

Friday, April 20, 2018

Mm Week

Today is Monday of our marvelous Mm week!

Mm Clothing - 

Monster Finger Puppets -  I found these in the party aisle of Target.  So fun!  We did some finger plays...

Maracas - It's always fun to make music!  Plastic eggs, rice and spoons!  So easy.  I saw these on this blog:  Here!

Snack - Milk Bubbles - Milk makes the BEST bubbles!!

Backyard - We love to paint all sorts of things in the backyard...

Mousse - Somehow during circle time we got the idea to make a kiddo's hair into a mohawk (for Mm week).  Once I pulled out the supplies, the girls were more interested in running a personal hair salon, ha!  So Ms. Sara worked on his hair. It was fun though and he was a good sport.  When I finished, the hairstyling girls were impressed... "Ooo, you look handsome!"

Then the kiddos did my hair!

Mountain M - We added fluffy snow to the tops of our mountain M and then some paint for the slopes.
You can't see the fluffy snow on the tops so well, but we used some of that white fluffy stuff you use on Santa crafts.
I saw the idea for this craft on this blog:  Here!

Snack - Milkshakes - Oh yum!

Mud! - 

Boxes - So fun!!

Egg Minion - So cute!  So fun.  I saw these on this blog:  Here!

Marshmallow Stack - Toddlers - A yummy fine motor activity.  We stacked, giggled when they tipped over and then stacked them again.  Oh, and we munched several.  Yum!

Hungry Monster - We have this fabulous monster wreath hanging in the preschool.  We thought we should take pictures of our monster eating us in honor of Mm week.  -  Elise declined being eaten by our preschool monster.

Marble Maze - The kiddos LOVED this!  I hope you enjoy it too!  I sent them home with a marble.
I saw this fabulous idea on this blog:  Here!

Snack - Muffin Making - We made banana chocolate chip muffins...yum!

Journal Time - Minions - Ha!  We had minion stickers, but this cutie also drew a minion and wrote "minion".  Love it!

Learning Station - Marble Run

Ok, this was just for fun!  Although there is fine motor ability involved and cooperation and patience. 

Wednesday, April 18, 2018

Monday, April 16, 2018

Friday, April 13, 2018

Tt Week

Tt Clothing - Wow!  A two and a twenty-five on his sweatshirt and a tie-dye outfit!

Journal Time - Tape - The kiddos made a T from tape! 

Free Play -  Tents, tp rolls and tinfoil art...

Tacos - Mmm...  We made paper tacos today.  Complete with tomatoes, meat, lettuce and cheese!  Yum!

I got this super cute idea on this blog:  Here!

Muddy Trucks - The kiddos painted mud for their truck to drive through, then we took them outside and rubbed them in the dirt a bit.  -  I found the trucks in the teacher section of the dollar store.

Teddy Bear Day - 

Free Play - Tape - Oh what fun we had today with our tape!  Taping our limbs together, taping toys and taping across chairs so we could karate chop!  So fun!  I bought each of the kiddos their very own roll of tape.

Above:  A kiddo made a letter T with his tape!  Below:  Another kiddo made me this cute mummy!

Teddy Bear Picnic  - Tater Tots -  So great to be outside in the sunshine!  And so fun to munch snack with our friends. 

Backyard - Teepee and Tunnel -  All the fun!

Tissue Treasure Box - The kiddos wanted to do a treasure hunt for today.   We decided to use a small tissue box for our treasure box and milk caps for our coins.  The kiddos enjoyed digging through my large supply of "coins" to pick just the perfect ones for their treasure.
We dumped all the lids into a bin so more kiddos could search...