Wednesday, June 27, 2018

Summer Camp - Woodland Fairies

Woodland Fairy Habitat - Mr. Adam helped me create these fun fairy teepees.  We also created woodland fairies to live inside them.  The kiddos created the habitat...
I got the idea for the teepees on this blog:  Here!
The maple seeds for the wings and the acorn tops for the hats were just found in our yard.
The glitter stones in the habitats were made with hot glue and glitter, see blog post:  Here
Also in their habitats you'll see left over bits from other projects:  rainbow dyed oatmeal and beans.

Fairy Wings - You've got to have wings when you have a fairy camp!  I found ours at the dollar store (wahoo!).

Ribbon and Flower Table - Here the kiddos could create fairy crowns, bracelets,  anklets, and anything else they could conceive...

Potions - An all time favorite activity...
Plenty of buckets and containers for pouring and mixing, food coloring to dye the water, dried flower petals and imagination...

Snack - Fairy Bread - I butter their bread and the kiddos add the fairy sprinkles.  Another fairy camp favorite.

Wednesday, May 23, 2018

Tidbits From the Last Week

Yearbooks - I love making a yearbook for each kiddo instead of doing an end of year program.  There are pictures of our class, each classmate, Ms. Sara and a few of themselves.  Each kiddo "signs" everyone else's book with their name and a picture.  Such great memories!   They take several hours to make, but completely worth it when I watch the kiddos pour over their books and share with each other.
A kiddo's art work...

Nature "Hike" - Another fun tradition we have is to take a nature hike up to the park near my home.  We pack trail mix and a juice box.  I make each of them a nature journal and then we set off.  As we walk, the kiddos are encouraged to draw in their journals, or tape in a leaf or flower.
This cutie found a lady bug on her sleeve.

Pool Party - A wonderful way to conclude the school year!
This year the the sunshine was spotty, so we ended up needing some hot cocoa to warm us up a bit.
 Potion making!  Always a favorite water activity!

Monday, May 14, 2018

Learning Station - Hunting for Tracks

We looked at different animal tracks, then we went on a search around the preschool for some.


Friday, May 11, 2018

Learning Station - Blocked Shape

The kiddos filled the shapes with blocks.  They worked together to fill in each shape.  Great teamwork.

Bb Weeks

Welcome to our last letter week of the school year!  A wonderful bouncy, bubbly Bb week!

Bb Clothing - A kiddo had a braided bun and a butterfly dress on today!  Fabulous!  Also we all were wearing blue, black or brown today.

Chalk - This kiddo found another way to enjoy the new bucket of chalk.  Ha!

Bubbles -  We gleefully headed to the backyard to enjoy our bubble tubes!  So fabulous!

Bb Clothing - Belle and Blue!

Free Play - Ball Pit - Oh what fun!  Balls every where!

Craft Stick Babies - The kiddos really enjoyed creating these. 

Butterfly Rings - I found these rings on clearance after Valentine's day.

Snack - Brownies - Oh yum!

Backyard - Bugs and truck cleaning.

Monday, May 7, 2018